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How Geothermal Works

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Most people are unaware that the earth’s natural temperature, which exists down within the ground can be used for both heating, cooling, and supplying hot water; therefore performing the same tasks as both a furnace or an air conditioner. Contained within the geothermal system, the heat exchanger is able to extract the earth’s natural heat in concentrated form to provide hot water for a complete heating solution, or to reverse the process to dissipate heat and cool your home during the summer.

Geothermal heating and cooling energy is transported between your home or business using an open or closed loop system. Open loop systems work well in areas where there is a fairly large volume of clean water available and there is also an acceptable way to discharge that water.

Heating & Cooling Applications

From an energy efficiency standpoint all loops perform about the same. In the heating season, the loop fluid circulates through the loop absorbing heat from the earth and carries it to your home. The geothermal system then processes the extracted heat and compresses it to a higher temperature which is then distributed throughout the home using traditional duct systems.

In the air conditioning season, this process is reserved, and the geothermal unit absorbs heat from inside the home and sends it back to the cooler earth. By using the natural temperature of the earth, which is relatively stable all year, a geothermal system is the most efficient method available to provide year round comfort and high efficiency performance.



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