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The Construction Process

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There are two parts to installing a Geothermal Heating System, which consist of the actual Geothermal Ground Heat Exchanger that will be installed by Parker Geothermal, and the HVAC portion where it is married to your ductwork or radiant heat connection done by your HVAC contractor. There are three types of installations that Parker Geothermal will install.

Closed Loop Installations

A loop fluid (usually water and antifreeze solution) is circulated through the loops to the geothermal unit. This solution is sealed and requires no maintenance. The pipe is a special high-density material that is used extensively by the natural gas industry. All underground joints are thermally fused. A properly installed closed loop has a long life expectancy.

Open Loop Installations

Open installations actually pump water from an underground aquifer through the geothermal unit and then discharge that water to a drainage ditch or pond. The geothermal unit processes the heat energy from the water just like a closed loop installation. Discharging water to a "return" well is sometimes effective, but sending water to a pond or lake is considered more reliable.

Standing Column Well System

Standing column wells, also called turbulent wells or Energy Wells, have become an established technology in the northeastern United States. Standing wells are typically six inches in diameter and may be as deep as 1500 ft. Temperate water from the bottom of the well is withdrawn, circulated through the heat pump's heat exchanger, and returned to the top of the water column in the same well.



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